Bank of Jerusalem: The User
Interface that gets the
Client to go All the Way

Bank of Jerusalem: The User
Interface that gets the
Client to go All the Way


The Challenge: Simplify the Process of Obtaining a Digital Loan

In recent years the Bank of Jerusalem has set itself a strategic goal to significantly expand its digital presence and digital experience. In parallel, realizing that many customers take out loans from sources external to the bank where their current account is managed, the bank decided to establish a new and first-of-its-kind system for obtaining credit through digital channels for both existing and non-bank customers. Today, Bank of Jerusalem is the only bank that offers customers of all banks a fully digital process for receiving a loan from anywhere, without having to leave their own bank.

Using a responsive website tailored for both the Internet and mobile screens, customers of all banks can check their loan eligibility and terms, apply for a loan and receive it. Working together with the Bank of Jerusalem’s digital team, we have created a convenient and friendly system that facilitates the execution of all phases of the loan.The idea behind the loan system developed by Bank of Jerusalem was to enable the bank’s internal and external customers to know right away, whether they are entitled to receive a loan at all, before entering any personal details. The reasoning behind this idea is that there is a better chance that a client will complete the process when he is able to anonymously check his eligibility. This phase is performed through an anonymous simulator designed to assess users’ chances of the receiving a loan from the bank. In the second phase, eligible and interested persons may begin the actual loan taking process.

Bank of Jerusalem

Online loan

From the privacy of your own home, for customers of all banks

Enter the loan amount you wish to receive

Check your eligibility for the loan

 Yoni Hazan, Digital Director at Bank of Jerusalem explains the process: “In the first phase, the user performs a short simulation to verify his eligibility for the loan, with no need to identify himself. We wanted a simple, quick and friendly simulation. The result is a fast process that includes the use of icons, smart fields and sliders that enable a significant reduction in the duration of time it takes to complete the form and receive the loan proposal. In the second phase, the user immediately receives a loan proposal after which he chooses whether to continue the process and provide identification details or not. If the user chooses to proceed, he will be asked to upload identification documents in order to approve the request. This stage is also simple and user-friendly, consisting of an upload that can be done via a computer or mobile phone.”“Upon receiving the application in the Bank’s systems, a banker from the digital center contacts the user through a video chat using a designated application, and accompanies him until the application stage has been completed. At the end of the digital process, the user can receive a loan directly to an account of his choosing without leaving home and without having to go to the branch.”Shimrit Godis, who managed the project on behalf of Bank of Jerusalem says: “Nowadays the system is very progressive in the market in terms of granting credit, it is adapted to the mobile phone interface and when it is launched, the bank will allow customers of all banks a full digital process to receive a loan without leaving their bank and from anywhere. Customers of all banks will be able to enjoy a quick, simple and user-friendly digital system to take a loan outside their bank, at the Bank of Jerusalem.”

Number of children under the age of 18

Housing – rental, my own apartment, at my parents’, other


The Solution: Ensure the customer completes the process

Taking out a loan in general and particularly digitally, is not a simple process for the user, who arrives at the process with great need but also with concerns and insecurities. Hence, the most important consideration for us has been to provide a sense of security and confidence in the process. Moreover, as with any sales process, the more the user is “invested” in the process and goes through more steps, the greater the chances of completing the process. Therefore, even for the bank a simple and inviting process is a business need. In every sales process the challenge is to keep the customer, get him to fill in all the necessary details and proceed. In this type of sales process the challenge is even greater because the bank must obtain many details in order to check a customers’ eligibility for a loan, and the form to complete may appear deterring and tedious. Our role in design and characterization is to create a precise and interesting process that combines, with great caution, playful elements, a pleasant aesthetic experience and positive feedbacks that ultimately directly affect conversion rates and generate the bank money.We tried to use clear, non-banking language and inserted into the process side notes such as “in official language” that give a more human feel. As mentioned, one of our main challenges was how not to tire the users, how not to be repetitive. In such processes, it’s important to challenge and surprise the user on the one hand, without creating a computer game on the other. We used small animations and playful elements even though treating a serious issue such as taking a loan because we believe that when a customer comes to the bank with a request, from a so-called “needy” position, he still deserves to be greeted with a smile.The design brings a refreshing approach to banking: light, eye-to-eye, progressive and contemporary, but not cold and condescending – in keeping with the spirit of the Bank of Jerusalem. On one hand it’s a warm, human design with figures and illustrations designed to create a light atmosphere while on the other hand it’s clean, respectable and looks like a banking product in all senses, with an interface that creates confidence in the bank and in the process.

What is the purpose of the loan?

Choose from the following options or enter your own words in the “other purpose” field.

Assisting a family member, house renovation, paying commitments, education, other purpose

Tell as a bit about yourself. There is no need for identification.

This will take less than 2 minutes.

Another important element in shaping the process is maintaining a sense of orientation. During the process, the user can see a top bar that updates the steps performed and the steps remaining to be finished. This bar gives the user the confidence that he is not going through an endless and agonizing process and is an important part of providing a sense of security to the customer and letting him know he is not wasting his time. Every stage is explained, so that the client understands the meaning behind the fields he is completing. From our experience, orientation is a very important part of users’ sense of security and performance.We continue to accompany the Bank of Jerusalem and we are constantly examining what works better in the process and what requires improvement until we achieve the best results for the bank and its users. The Aman UI & Design team is happy and excited to take part in the digital revolution taking place at the Bank of Jerusalem.

Yoni Hazan, Digital Director of the bank concludes: “The characterization and user experience design carried out by Aman UI & Design completely upgrades the customer experience in our loan system both online and on the mobile site. The unique digital service that we provide has made the loan taking process much more accessible to customers. While in the past the process required applying, then receiving a proposal accompanied by a long and complicated form and then the option of an anonymous application was granted so as to verify loan eligibility as some customers want to know if they are eligible before giving personal details, nowadays we implement an excellent customer experience, built of many layers, that has been awarded 100 by the Google tool that examines user experience. Working in cooperation with Aman’s team was a very professional and focused experience and we are already seeing an improvement in process conversion rates and a decrease in the number of customers that abandon it.

The team that worked on the project on our behalf:

Characterization – Idit Minka, senior UX designer

Design – Hadas Zubari & Shira Hiltash – Senior user-interface designers

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