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IBM i Systems Administrator at Eshnav Information systems


מה התפקיד שלך יכלול?

Join Eshnav Information systems, where innovation meets expertise! We’re seeking a skilled IBM i Systems Administrator to join our dynamic team and contribute to our cutting-edge IT infrastructure.

As an IBM i Systems Administrator, you’ll manage IBM i Systems, utilizing PowerVM, PowerHA, VIOS, and HMC. Your responsibilities include overseeing OS/400 OS upgrades for peak system performance.

– Deploy, configure, and maintain IBM i Systems hardware.

– Implement PowerVM for efficient virtualization.

– Utilize PowerHA for high availability and disaster recovery.

– Administer VIOS for optimal I/O resource management.

– Manage OS/400 OS upgrades.

– Work with HMC for centralized system management

למי התפקיד יתאים?

– 5 years of proven IBM i Systems administration experience.

– Expertise in PowerVM, PowerHA, VIOS, HMC administration.

– Experience with OS/400 OS upgrades, Backup & recovery, OS/400 communication protocols and OS internals.

– Experience with storage administration for OS/400.

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