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Senior Pre-Sales Engineer – Eshnav Information Systems


מה התפקיד שלך יכלול?

Eshnav Information Systems seeks an accomplished Senior Pre-Sales Engineer with expertise in cutting-edge backup and storage solutions for hybrid IT. Your role involves leadership in pre-sales excellence, optimization of backup systems, and showcasing versatile storage solutions. Bring expertise in virtualization, HCI systems, Kubernetes, CSI drivers, and SAN for block storage. Advantageous skills include data-intensive project planning, contributing to the evolution of secure and resilient IT infrastructure.

1. **Leadership in Pre-Sales Excellence:**

– Spearhead collaboration to create industry-leading backup and storage solutions.

– Deliver compelling product demonstrations and strategic insights for informed decision-making.

2. **Architectural Innovator in Backup Systems:**

– Optimize backup solutions for data integrity, availability, and rapid recovery.

– Tailor recommendations based on a deep understanding of clients’ backup requirements.

3. **Mastery of Versatile Storage Solutions:**

– Demonstrate mastery in Block, NAS, Object storage, and SAN technologies.

– Evaluate and design storage solutions exceeding client expectations.

4. **Expert in Virtualization, HCI, Kubernetes, and CSI Drivers:**

– Showcase extensive experience in virtualization, emphasizing optimization of storage and backup solutions.

– Provide strategic guidance on incorporating advancements into comprehensive backup strategies.

5. **Hands-On Leadership and Product Mastery:**

– Lead by example, providing unparalleled technical support during pre-sales activities.

– Showcase mastery of solutions like Commvault and Rubrik, setting the standard for the team.

6. **Trailblazing Security Expert in Hybrid Environments:**

– Innovate strategies for securing hybrid environments, emphasizing backup security.

– Offer authoritative guidance on securing backup data across diverse platforms.

7. **Advantage: Data-Intensive Project Planning:**

– Experience in planning data-intensive projects is a significant advantage.

למי התפקיד יתאים?

– Proven leadership in pre-sales, with expertise in backup solutions, storage technologies, virtualization, HCI systems, Kubernetes, CSI drivers, and SAN.
– Extensive expertise in backup system architecture and design.
– In-depth familiarity with hybrid environments, safeguarding on-premises and cloud workloads.
– Exceptional communication and presentation skills.
– Demonstrated ability to lead and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

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