Join our team of experts and professionals. Our goal is to know the tech and aid our clients in the implementation and usage of it. We are looking for customer-centric IT experts and professionals who understand what it is to bring leading IT and cloud solutions to a local market.

Networking PS specialist

NUMBER: #2001909

  • Knowledge in ADC areas (F5/Netscaler/A10/Radware)
  • Knowledge in organization and Cloud secured access: VPN/Zero Trust/Proxy
  • Scripts writing ability – an advantage
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience
  • English – high level
  • Knowledge of networking technologies layers
  • High level of customer service skills
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Cloud & Cyber Security pre-sales specialist

NUMBER: #200190444

  • Knowledge in Cyber Security, Cloud products and DevOps
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience
  • Able and willing to present to customers
  • English – high level
  • Ambitious and Prepared for hard work
  • High level of customer service skills
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Why work with us?

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset and we aim to provide them with a professional environment that allows them to develop both personally and professionally. Our people are innovators who understand the rapidly shifting landscape of the IT world and they are fearless in their drive to bring the innovation that makes a difference to a wider audience.

Our Success

Our achievements have been built on the ability of our people to combine their knowledge of the best IT enterprise solutions out there, with our extensive understanding of what business leaders need to empower their workforces and protect their company assets at the same time. We are looking for people who know how to succeed within an environment that is continually looking for ways to aim higher and think bigger

Our Culture

We believe in an inclusive and diverse workplace environment that recognizes and appreciates the individual skills and knowledge of our team. We are looking for individuals who appreciate the value of a diverse, can-do workplace that merges people and skills together in order to build a dynamic, international working environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine the best IT solutions with the companies who need them. With this in mind, we are searching for others who share this vision. People who are excited about combining technology solutions and the business world through a consumer-centric approach that fosters relationships and partnerships.

Our International Outlook

Our outlook is international. We are seeking people who understand what it means to be part of an international environment that is global in its reach and vision. We source the best IT solutions from around the world and build partnerships along the way. We are committed to finding people who feel the same way.