Prisma Cloud: Complete cloud security from Palo Alto Networks

Prisma™ Cloud is the most comprehensive cloud-native security platform, designed to protect all aspects of cloud usage with the industry’s leading technology. Prisma Cloud provides broad security and compliance coverage for the entire cloud-native technology stack, as well as applications and data throughout the entire application lifecycle, across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Prisma Cloud takes an integrated approach that enables SecOps and DevOps teams to accelerate cloud-native application deployment by shifting left and implementing security early in the development cycle.

Protect Containers, Serverless, and Hosts

Take advantage of container image analysis and vulnerability scanning across the entire container lifecycle, from development to registries and runtime.

Enforce least-privileged access microsegmentation policies based on automatically learned network traffic flows. Automatically deploy Layer 4 and web application firewalls (WAFs) to secure traffic into and between your cloud-native apps and microservices.

Gain Deep Cloud Visibility

Dynamically discover new resources as soon as they are deployed in the cloud, and track historical changes for auditing purposes.

Gain a unified view of security and compliance posture across the full cloud-native stack, application lifecycle, and cloud environments.

Empower DevSecOps

Identify security issues early in the application lifecycle and ensure compromised code never reaches production.

Implement security guardrails to prevent vulnerabilities and unsecure configuration issues from progressing forward in DevOps pipelines.

Integrate vulnerability and infrastructure-as-code configuration scanning into CI/CD pipelines, registries, and IDEs.

Ensure Governance and Compliance

Monitor all cloud resources continuously for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other security threats.

Join our event to discover the prisma cloud mission to protect every resource throughout the entire lifecycle, across any cloud.


Benny Menahem, VP Sales at Cybercom- Opening Remarks

Roi Litterat, Channel Business Manager Israel & Cloud Business lead South EMEA at Palo Alto Networks- Trends and directions in the information security and cyber security market

Shlomi Hadad, CISO&SE at Cybercom- Cloud Infrastructure

Nimrod Elkin, Cloud Sales Manager – Israel & Cyprus at Palo Alto Networks- Prisma Cloud

Gal Aizenkot, Senior Sales Engineer (Cloud Security ) at Innocom- Prisma Cloud protection platform for the public cloud






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