Citrix ADC – App Delivery Controller (formerly NetScaler ADC)

A global ADC, automatically optimizing traffic and managing server capacity.

Balancing traffic to your on-prem, cloud-based, or hybrid network, Citrix ADC ensures that each request is sent to a relevant server for the quickest response. Pooled capacity licensing works across form factors and deployments allowing capacity to be managed at all times.

Growing companies rely on always-on servers to manage their clouds. For global teams to work harmoniously, online businesses must ensure that their servers can handle all requests regardless of location, demand type, or congestion.

In order to deliver the service our customers demand, Citrix developed an Application Delivery Controller that reroutes traffic in the case of server error, server maintenance, or a server that is simply overwhelmed by an uptick in requests. Remaining always connected means integrated Kubernetes and open-source tools that go hand in hand with our built-in security features.

Beyond traffic management, Citrix ADC can direct requests from a specific locality to pre-assigned servers that stand ready to fulfill their unique requests. Langauge performance and region-specific actions are just a couple of ways that Citrix helps you better personalize your customer’s experience.


  • Hybrid, multi-cloud network
  • Single-point management console
  • Global reliability
  • L3-L7 Security
  • Integrated open-source tools
  • Built-in Kubernetes
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Flexible use licensing
  • Common code
  • Instance clustering
  • Capacity awareness
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