Citrix Managed Desktops

DaaS: cloud-based desktop management system

Efficiently and simply delivers windows apps and desktops from Microsoft Azure to Streamline your employees desktop experience

Citrix Managed Desktops delivers virtual apps and desktops to any device through the Citrix Cloud service. Connect all of your employees, including contractors, seasonal workers, and developers through a high definition, user-friendly working experience.

This DaaS ensures guaranteed secure remote access as well as advanced help desk management and advanced monitoring to ensure the highest levels of data protection and security.

We understand that today’s ever-changing, global business market demands organizations that can meet changes as and when they happen. Citrix Managed Desktops provides that greater flexibility by allowing users to pay only for what they use while also being able to demand content as and when they need it. The process of managing desktops across organizations is simplified, leading to a streamlined experience for both management and end-users.


  • Simplified image creation and management workflows
  • Secure remote access, Citrix Gateway service
  • Advanced help desk management and monitoring
  • HDX technology
  • Supports mergers and acquisitions
  • Accelerates Window 10 migration
  • Citrix Workplace app
  • SD Wan connectivity
  • Global coverage
Citrix SD-WAN

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