Palo Alto Networks STRATA

A platform to manage all aspects of security from the ground up

Our ‘Security Operating Platform’ offers all-encompassing protection, making security a foundational piece of your network, not an additional layer of it. Next-gen networks have prevention at their core. Only an automated platform driven by machine learning can keep up with your security protocols.

Multi-cloud networks demand a unified security approach and in order to deliver this Palo Alto Networks has reimagined cybersecurity with its Security Operating Platform. This fully secure platform manages users, apps, data flow, and authorizations across networks while recognizing potential anomalies and threats.

IT Administrators have a new tool that utilizes the automated insights of machine learning and AI technology. By understanding your security protocols across the full network, their predictive technologies pinpoint vulnerabilities while taking autonomous action, freeing cybersecurity teams from the constraints of manual approval and allowing them, in the process, to work more efficiently.

Full visibility and reducing the attack surface is key in keeping your network secure. Building upon event insights and a global network of trillions of artifacts, our technology is continuously getting smarter in order to enhance that visibility.

Delivering a prevention-first security solution allows you to continuously deliver what your clients and teams need without worrying about the potential unknown threats of tomorrow.


  • Autonomous prevention
  • Full network coverage
  • Reduced data costs
  • Greater network administrator reach
  • Foundational security
  • Machine Learning and AI abilities
  • Leveraged data from other events
  • Security insights
  • Tracks all network activity
  • Administrator focused dashboards
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