Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker

Securing all of your Cloud Applications

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker ensures secure protection, from cyber threats, for a wide range of applications, from Microsoft 365, Google’s G Suite, Box and more.

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker is the optimum solution when it comes to protecting cloud users from threats, data loss, and compliance risks. It also extends protection to 3rd party add ons, OAuth apps and unsanctioned apps.

The Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker allows you to understand exactly how your cloud is being used at all levels- global, app and user. It means greater accuracy when it comes to isolating potentially at-risk SaaS files, and utilizes drill-down dashboards for the checking and investigating of suspicious activity, logins, and DLP alerts. Your cloud is always watched, always secure and always on alert.

Through the use of sandboxing and advanced analytics, potential risks to and from SaaS apps in your cloud are identified and isolated. This can include the risks of accidental sharing as well. The use of real-time alerting means access controls can be adjusted according to the nature and scale of the risk faced and ensures there is no delay between the identifying of risk and the action taken against it. An immediate response is crucial for cybersecurity effectiveness and to ensure optimum cloud app security.

Implement consistent DLP policies, regardless of the environment, across email, cloud apps and on-premise.


  • Agentless architecture
  • Unified DLP
  • Over 240 built-in classifiers
  • Integration with Cloud service APIS
  • Automated quarantine
  • Behavior analytics
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