Proofpoint Insider Threat Management

Protect your IP and people from insider threats across the organization

Proofpoint’s ObserveIT ITM (Insider Threat Management solution) protects against data loss and brand damage involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently, or unknowingly.

ObserveIT, ITM Software platform, correlates activity and data movement, empowering security teams to identify user risk, detect insider-led data breaches, and accelerate security incident response. 30% of data breaches are insider-driven – and the cost of these incidents has doubled in the last three years. ObserveIT empowers security teams to reduce insider threat risk and frequency, accelerate incident response, and increase their security operations efficiency.


  • People-centric user risk analysis
  • Real-time user notifications
  • Create your own organization’s security policies
  • Lightweight classification based on file location
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