The Beauty of Immutability

Rubrik’s system is a unique data management software platform programmed to simplify and automate critical data backup and reconstruction capabilities while also enabling automation using API, light cloud mobility and protection from Cyber attacks and data changes.
The system includes 3 main components:

Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM):
A backup, recovery, data archive and reconstruction solution following a crisis at the company site, at remote sites and in the cloud.
Rubrik Polaris SaaS Platform:
Polaris provides a Unified System of Record for organizing business applications and global data managed by Rubrik’s cloud data management. With Polaris, Rubriuk is able to provide added value services such as identification and recovery from AI driven ransom attacks as well as meeting regulatory requirements and data analysis.
Rubrik Mosaic
Rubrik Mosaic simplifies apps backup and reconstruction for NoSQL databases using SLA. Rubrik Mosaic can be installed within the organization, on any cloud, and is also available via Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Protection from Ransom attacks
Rubrik developed ‘Atlas’ – its own file management system which enables Rubrik to control information written for backup. The backed-up information written onto Rubrik is saved as Read Only. It therefore cannot be changed, and contrary to other systems available in the market, it cannot be encoded by Ransomware, so that the organization can rest assured that the information saved for backup will be reliable if and when a reconstruction of the data is needed. The files system is protected by AES256Bit encoding and in addition the information is encoded by sending it online (backup and replication) and of course by storing the information on the brik.

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