Citrix Analytics

Real-time traffic data analytics that detects threats from inside and out

Security Analytics that integrate with your suite of Citrix products, continuously monitoring your network to let you know when a threat is occurring in real-time.

The ever-increasing presence of security threats creates challenges for IT and data security teams. Threats not only penetrate networks via external sources, such as emails or downloads, but can find their way in through an unsecured device.

Citrix Analytics covers all end-points, including files, network traffic, user requests and more, to provide the data that teams need. Peak security is possible with real-time security analytics. Discovering anomalies or threats only weeks or months after they have occurred leaves networks vulnerable to theft, ransomware, and countless other significant risks. By monitoring traffic data continuously, network managers are equipped with the information they need to stop any threat that finds its way into their system.

Security Analytics goes beyond data monitoring. With Citrix, traffic data findings provide the actionable insights needed to keep your teams moving.


  • Live Analytics
  • Network monitoring
  • Internal threat monitoring
  • External threat monitoring
  • Actionable Data
  • Event notifications
  • User risk profiles
  • URL monitoring
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