Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix

industry's first next-generation SD-WAN solution that enables the cloud-delivered branch.

Businesses today are not limited to a single location and in-house ‘private cloud’ datacenters. Today’s businesses can have many WAN connections, many locations such as remote branches and heavily rely on cloud applications.

Connecting multiple branches could be done with MPLS but these solutions are costly, require dedicated lines and hardware and use packet-forwarding technology to make data forwarding decisions.
SD-WAN uses commodity hardware running the network infrastructure and virtualizes the network functions running on it. Thus, pain-points such as geographic boundaries and bandwidth become a thing of the past.
With CloudGenix our customers have instant-on lightweight networks that are elastic, vendor agnostic, with reduced cost and can be deployed incrementally on top of existing networks at your own pace.
CloudGenix is Application Defined – complete Layer 7 visibility and control via policies improving end-user experience. This is in complete contrast to traditional SD-WAN with it’s Layer 3 packet-based policies with limited application visibility.
CloudGenix is Autonomous – automate problem avoidance and operations using machine learning and methodologies.
CloudGenix is Cloud delivered – All branch services, including networking and security can be enabled and controlled from the cloud simplifying WAN management and increasing ROI.

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