Nebius Israel

A Cloud Platform Built and Designed for Israel

Nebius Israel is a leading local cloud platform tailored specifically for the Israel-based market. Supporting Hebrew and English, it offers a comprehensive array of cloud services and solutions that cater to diverse business needs. With three local data centers, Nebius ensures optimal data accessibility and reliability.

Nebius offers an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing structure that provides financial flexibility for its users. Nebius takes user security to heart, ensuring full compliance with Israel’s stringent security regulations, thus providing businesses with both advanced technology and peace of mind.

Benefit from Nebius’ advanced and innovative cloud services:

Compute Cloud

Scalable and secure computing resources available on demand for hosting, testing & prototyping. Create and manage VMs and groups of VMs, choose the number of cores, disks, VMs & RAM you need and monitor performance.

Object Storage

Autoscale your cloud object storage and optimize costs by storing infrequently used data in cold storage. Object storage is compatible with Amazon S3 API for your convenience.

Virtual Private Cloud

Connect your resources to each other and to the internet through Nebius’ superb network connectivity. Choose and reassign your IP addresses. Your data is isolated to ensure security.

Data Transfer

Easily migrate data from any location to Nebius’ reliable managed DB services in less than 15 minutes. No installation required. Your source DB can keep running while minimizing application downtime.

Why Clients Choose Aman with Nebius

Tailored for the Israeli market

Support in both English and Hebrew

Enterprise-grade capabilities and services

Competitive and pay-as-you-go pricing

Unparalleled IT innovation and expertise

A solution for a diverse set of business needs

Optimal data accessibility and reliability

Security and compliance with Israeli regulations

Powerful and efficient cloud services for Israeli enterprise users

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