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# Informatica - Erenst & Young Round Table

Data Privacy- Secure ALL your Data

May 6th, 2019 @ Tel Aviv


As organizations embark on digital transformation, there is a clear need for enterprise data privacy and protection.

New data privacy laws and the growing enforcement of existing regulations challenge organizations. And most organizations face rapid data growth and proliferation across the enterprise. Organizations have more data, more use cases, and more locations than ever before. 

Despite billions invested in cyber security, organizations continue to suffer misuse and loss of customer, employee, and partner data. Data loss for organizations grew 87% in 2017, threatening regulatory compliance and customer trust.

# KMS lighthouse


April 15th - 17th | Aria Resort, Las Vegas | Floor 2, Meeting Room 2B

KMS lighthouse team is headed to Las Vegas to take part in NICE Interaction 2019 show. Interactions 2019 promises to be spectacular, by combining more than 200 informative breakout sessions with amazing keynote speakers. Learn how your organization can deliver an outstanding customer experience, improve business results, and ensure compliance. Network and mingle with NICE inContact experts, customers and industry leaders who will be sharing their knowledge and best practices. We look forward to hosting you in our dedicated meeting room on Floor 2, Room 2B.

# Informatica - Webinar

The Easy Way to Big Data

April 11 , 2019. 11:00-12:00

בעידן הדיגיטליזציה, ארגונים מתמודדים עם מידע מרובה ויהיה זה עוול להתעלם מריבוי הנתונים מבלי להפיק מהם ערך עסקי רב.

האתגר של מנהלי מערכות המידע בהתאמה להצפנת הנתונים האפשרית, היא לנהל באופן יעיל את הנתונים בעולם ה- Big Data.

בניהול מיטבי של נתונים, לאחר הקמת ה- Data Lake, נדרש להתייחס לשלושה מרכיבים מרכזיים:

1. אינטגרציית נתונים דינמאית בסביבת ה- Data Lake

2. טיפול מקצה לקצה באיכות הנתונים ובממשל הנתונים

3. אבטחת מידע- איתור ושמירה על הנתונים הרגישים בארגון

וובינר ראשון בסדרה, שבו נתמקד באינטגרציית נתונים בסביבת Big Data.

# KMS lighthouse


March 27th & 28th , 2019 | ExCel London | Booth #474

Join us for the ultimate event for the Customer Engagement world. At Call & Contact Centre Expo companies will be showcasing the latest and most effective technologies, strategies and advancements to industry professionals who are looking to excel in customer engagement.

Email us to register for your FREE entry ticket to the Trade Show. 

# Securenet - Symantec Round Table

Deception & Data Protection for your Critical Assets.

March 5th, 2019 @ Berkovich 4, Tel Aviv

Securenet – Symantec – CData proud to introduce you to JavelinIntrusion Prevention System for Active Directory Networks and to demonstrate the new integration solutions for Symantec DLP product.

# Informatica

Reduce Preparation Increase Observation

February 26th, 2019 @ Tel - Aviv

כיום אנו נדרשים לטפל ביותר מידע, מיותר מקורות ומסוגי מידע מגוונים יותר, חלקם מובנים וחלקם לא. עובדות אלו מקשות על עבודת האנליסטים להפיק את התובנות הנכונות. 

אנו מציג את הפתרונות שיאפשרו לאנליסטים/Data Scientists :



בואו להיחשף לפתרונות מתקדמים כיצד להקל על חייו של האנליסט ולשפר את מהירות ודיוק תוצרי עבודתו !

# Conference - TheMarker


February 19th, 2019 @Avenu Hall, Airport City

Aman Group will be presenting at the HRevolution conference and will discuss the challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled workers when facing a critical shortage of technological manpower in Israel

# Call Center Week

CCW2019- Stay Connected

February 19th-21st, 2019 | Berlin, Germany | Booth #3H19

KMS lighthouse will be exhibiting at the Call Center Week, the most innovative show in Europe for anyone who wants to discover the newest developments and solutions for call center management and customer dialogue in the digital age. We look forward to meeting you there!

Email us to get your FREE voucher to get entry to the Trade Show.

# Informatica

AI Driven - Cloud Data Management

November 20th, 2018 @Kiryat Atidim, Tel Aviv

  • AI Driven Cloud Integration 
  •  Self service data management
  • maximizing your digital assets potential 

# Innovation

The 4th China (Yunnan) – Israel Innovation Cooperation Forum

November 1st, 2018 @ Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv

We are happy to invite you to the 4th China (Yunnan)-Israel Innovation Cooperation Forum. The Innovation Forum is one of the largest and most successful activities of the cooperation between China(Yunnan) and Israel.

# Yearly Event

First Class Journey

October 23rd, 2018 @ East, Tel Aviv

Inncom, the representative of the leading technology manufacturers in the world, invites you to hear about the new and leading trends

To help your organization move to the digital age while maintaining business efficiency, perfect security, regulatory compliance and improved user experience!

You are invited to a first-class trip that will expose the vision of the world’s leading manufacturers to guide you to the future and beyond

שלחו אלינו קו"ח