We strive to provide comprehensive customer-oriented solutions, in a wide range of technologies from valued and trustworthy providers. Whether your organization is seeking the latest technology to protect its digital environments or products with which to support continual development with the cloud, mobile, IoT, and other technologies, we are your trusted partner. Managed by Innocom – Aman Group company 

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Paloalto Networks

Paloalto Networks security operating platform prevents successful cyber-attacks by harnessing analytics to automate routine tasks and enforcement. Tight integration across the platform, and with partners, simplifies security so you can secure users, applications, and data. With Paloalto, you can prevent successful cyber attacks, adopt innovations quickly and simply focus on what matters.


Rubrik’s virtualized environments solutions help your business protect and simply manage virtual environments while giving you freedom of choice and flexibility. Reduce RPOs down to mere minutes, by eliminating VM stun effects for mission-critical apps.


Citrix app and desktop virtualization offer powerful solutions for your busines s through mobile productivity, security and compliance, simplified IT, and cost savings. Citrix’s app virtualization and VPI empowers your employees with the freedom to conduct business from anywhere, all while significantly lowering IT costs.

Silver Peak

Silver Peak is an industry leader and WAN optimization provider for data centers. Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization software offers impressive cost and flexibility benefits of virtualization partnered with measurable performance gains


Proofpoint’s threat management solution is the first of its kind to provide information security departments with the understanding and tools to effectively combat threats quickly and efficiently.


Centrify redefines security from a legacy static perimeter-based approach to protecting millions of scattered connections in a boundaryless hybrid enterprise.

Mojo Networks

Mojo Networks offers a solution for effective protection from threats in the wireless communications arena.

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