Verification is a central and crucial aspect of launching any new project. Businesses need to know that their design is bug-free and can roll out seamlessly.

We Speak Your (Verification) Language

Our verification solutions experts can work with your existing team, or with your own existing team, and we abide by a high level of independent verification. High-quality verification solutions provided by Veriest ensure projects are delivered flawlessly on-time and on budget. Whether your verification language is SystemVerilog, Specman or tools’ preference Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor and in a variety of Verification IPs, we have the relevant experience and the right experts for the job.

We’ve invested in our team

We believe in investing heavily in our team, and some of our team members are very sought-after speakers at technical conferences. From upper management to our recent graduate professional training, we carefully develop each one of our valued employees to be fully apprised of the latest and greatest in effective verification solutions.

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