Managed Services

The decision to outsource IT services is an important decision for any organization. At Aman, we’ve accumulated years of experience in all areas of IT activity, from the physical infrastructure to the application level, and can manage even the most complex IT services for your business.

Targeted Solutions

Aman’s managed services are provided and operate on an SLA basis that satisfactorily suits the needs of the organization. We assist your organization in characterizing and defining the SLA, which will provide your team with the appropriate solutions. Our screened and qualified experts are highly experienced in each of the activity areas required to provide a professional outsourcing solution, beginning from a system-wide solution while assuming full responsibility via cost measures and SLA, through targeted solutions for a specific area within the overall IT services used by the organization.

Visionary Team

We are uniquely able to ensure businesses with outsourcing solutions that are tailor-made to suit customers’ specific needs. Our employees undergo a rigorous and special screening process, including personal and professional interviews, program compatibility tests, and more. We strive to provide you with a hardworking and visionary team.

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