Underwriting and

Underwriting and credit rating systems for consumer credit

A quality underwriting and loan approval process is a crucial to a solid portfolio quality. The main concern is to avert as many undue risks as possible. Aman’s underwriting services are crafted carefully with well-defined principles, creating processes to help enterprises succeed.

Industry Experts

Aman provides a wide range of services and projects in the field of long term savings and finance, including underwriting and credit rating systems. This division employs seasoned professionals, who are experts financial legislation and regulations.

Unique Specialization in Finance

Aman’s unique specialization in the financial sector indicates a more thorough understanding and greater ability to be a successful and valuable partner throughout a variety of areas within financial markets. We boast over 20 years of accumulated experience as a provider of IT services for Israeli and international financial markets, providing end-to-end coverage for all ongoing regulatory changes taking place in this sector.

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