Graduate Program

Aman’s program for training graduates in software development and testing in computers and information systems for specialized offshore software development enables the provision of a local and cost-effective solution for Israeli and international companies.

Qualified professionals provide flexible solutions for your business

Our training programs allow for a flexible work model (the possibility of working in an offshore model from Aman, or onsite), with optimal adaptation to customer requirements, low exit rates, and short-term production. Significant advantages include quality of personnel– as all employees are college graduates in relevant professions. Additionally, through our rigorous training, we assess and match each candidate’s potential and specialties in order to best train and prepare them so they may begin working quickly and effectively on projects.

Build a Visionary Team

Aman’s graduate program offers unique flexibility in either an off-shore work model from Aman’s offices or directly in the customer’s site and under the company’s direct management. Our employees undergo a rigorous and special screening process, including personal and professional interviews, program compatibility tests, and more. We strive to provide you with a hardworking and visionary team.

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