Knowledge Portal

Centralize your knowledge company-wide to empower your employees with all the right answers. By doing this your company can provide quick and accurate information to customers, maintain positive engagement between agent and customer and plus leave them feeling satisfied that their inquiries were properly answered.

Empowering Employees with the Right Answers

Employees from any department are now able to access the Knowledge Management portal and view accurate and up to date information.  They can find answers quickly by business category, topic, or service action. All the company information is now located in one place, offering the highest level of consistency across the KMS portal. Members can now find and share any information they need through the easy-to-use administrative functions regardless of the number of team members. The actionable feedback tool enables companies to continue to provide the highest level of consistent knowledge across their business.

Boost Productivity of Your Company

Boost your companies productivity by centralizing and structuring all the company knowledge in one knowledge portal. The knowledge portal enables you to support all internal enterprise-wide departments and can facilitate critical functions such as operation procedures, distribution of HR forms and compliance, presentation and sales materials, product information, and all training related and how-to guides sections. Rather than relying on information that is stored in only a few of the managers’ memory, companies can now harness the success of their company’s expertise by capturing years of knowledge all in one place.

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