Supplying exceptional service and expert professionals to ensure your business stays ahead of the rest There are many benefits of outsourcing – Cost saving in terms of people Infrastructure and technology, increased efficiency, Focus on core areas and more Aman has been a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner for a variety of businesses in Israel and around the world. Many years of experience in providing outsourcing services has helped us understand how to provide services that would answer the unique requirements of each customer.

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Expert Placement

Aman provides outsourcing services for the placement of experts in the IT field to leading organizations in banking, high-tech, telecom, insurance, retail, military and defense industries, and government and public institutions. .

Managed Services

The decision to outsource IT services is an important decision for any organization. At Aman, we’ve accumulated years of experience in all areas of IT activity, from the physical infrastructure to the application level, and can manage even the most complex IT services for your business.


The advantages of nearshore/offshore include low costs and saved resources, as well as the flexibility it provides your team to deal with core tasks and to develop the next generation of systems.

Graduate Program

Aman’s program for training graduates in software development and testing in computers and information systems for specialized offshore software development enables the provision of a local and cost effective solution for Israeli and international companies.

“Tehila” Program

Aman’s Tehila program places Ultra-Orthodox women in software development, testing positions and more. This special program provides a local solution for Israeli and international companies on-site or off-shore supplying high quality service

Our Advantages


Our employees undergo a rigorous and special screening process, including: personal and professional interviews, program compatibility tests, and more. We strive to provide you with a hardworking and visionary team.

Everything Under One Roof

Aman’s comprehensive support services include professional help desk services and technicians for all relevant fields, communication, data protection, NT System and support services for specific systems. Save resources and feel reassured knowing all your IT needs can be managed under one roof.

Proven Success

Through Aman’s outsourcing services, your business will see cost reduction and increased efficiency, risk reduction, operational flexibility, improved quality of outputs, highly methodological work, and much more.

Our Happy Clients