The world of attacks is divided into two parts: detected and undetected. The zero-Day protection solution provided by Minvera Labs addresses unknown attacks with preemptive measures prevention rather than just detection.

Safeguard Against Hostile Environments

The innovative zero-day protection solution is an invaluable and proactive solution to any organization wishing to protect itself and its crucial information. The Minvera Anti-Evasion Platform safeguards against hostile environments, memory injection, malicious documents, ransomware, endpoint malware and more. This innovative technology easily integrated and enhances the defense ecosystem (cloud solutions, sandbox, IPS, firewall and more).

Trustworthy systems

For over 50 years Aman and our team of experts have provided progressive, adaptable, and reliable services to the digital and cybersecurity industry. Our goal is to fully understand the needs of our customers and to provide them with unparalleled, advanced, and customized service. With advanced technologies, like Zero-day protection, you can focus on other business processes knowing your organization is being safeguarded.

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