IP Design

We design first-rate IPs for your project requirements. What makes our IP design unique is our ability to provide thorough and expert verification techniques, so that from flash controller to MIPI CSI, your business is receiving only the very best.

IP Verification

Using the Veriest solution, Aman’s team ensures your business is provided with high-quality IP designs. According to demand, these IPs can be productized and made available to your organization. Our confidence in our IPs stems from the knowledge these have undergone rigorous verification and testing processes, using Veriest verification methods.

Your IP design partner

From start to finish, we’re committed to being your team’s very best partner. Our vast experience combined with our strict adherence to supply only the most modern and leading-edge technologies, allows us to be a valuable contributor to your projects. Through total transparency and cooperation during every stage, Aman delivers reliable and actionable results.

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