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Prevent, detect and respond cyber & Security threats by improving your IT risk management. We provide state of the art services with the latest cutting edge cyber-security technologies, so your crucial and sensitive data remain protected. Managed by Securenet Solutions – Aman Group company

Ensure smooth business processes by protecting what matters most

Privileged Account Security

The significant majority of attacks on the organization’s network occur from the theft and abuse of a privileged user. A Privilege User Management System provides a solution for monitoring, securing and enforcing the use of privileged users.

Enterprise Vault

Organizations need to share and transmit sensitive information in a secure and controlled manner. The information is required to be encrypted and secure both during its transport and during its arrival at the destination.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Protect your files and assets with confidence with an MFT solution that was built based on enterprise security requirements and with governance in mind


ADC (Application Delivery Controller)

Your organization can benefit from application and infrastructure intelligence, leverage that intelligence to become more data driven, improve user experience With Citrix NetScale.

PKI & Digital sign

The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) enables a wide range of applications by issuing digital certificates for a key pair, both public and private.

Secure Browsing

A secure browsing solution is crucial to any seamless business process. Secure browsing eliminates the attack zone from the end-user terminal while surfing the internet, while preventing ransomware, crypto, phishing attacks, and more

ADC -Application
Delivery Controller

Network Access Control serves as a monitoring and enforcement mechanism for wired-level enterprise network access and for wireless. NAC systems provide flexibility and suitability for a variety of possible policy-level scenarios for enforcing and configuring access to enterprise network resources.

Strong Authentication

Smart identification solutions empower your business to combine a number of ways to authenticate your user, such as password identification, smart card, SMS, biometric, OTP and more.

Secure Web Gateway

Web content protection and filtering systems prevent the variety of risks that can occur in this channel, such as the introduction of malicious software into the corporate network, exposure to problematic content, phishing sites, and more.

Zero-Day protection

The world of attacks is divided into two parts: detected and undetected. The zero-Day protection solution provided by Minvera Labs addresses unknown attacks with preemptive measures prevention rather than just detection.

Application DDOS Mitigation

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) is a distributed denial of service attack designed to disable service by creating an exceptional load on service resources.

Cyber risk management

Executive perspective for cyber assets in organizations with Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO) implemented, organizations can utilize risk as the metric for prioritizing remediation plans.

Data Sanitation

Data Sanitation solutions are another important layer of protection against unknown attackers (Zero day files) before entering the corporate network data sanitation provide a sophisticated protection solution in a variety of channels.


The QRadar solution provides an ability to detect abnormalities and network security issues through powerful mechanism based on a set of rules for analyzing event security risks and real-time data flows.

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Advanced technologies

In today’s tough business environment, companies must constantly search for innovative ways to stay ahead. Throughout the years we built solutions and systems that are effective and economically viable, while providing immediate benefits to the organization. We are a promoter of innovative technologies for, focusing on advanced solutions for the communications and information security fields. See our advanced technologies under “products” and “distribution”

Team& Reputation

We are a leading Cyber security services provider in Israel based on extensive technical knowledge and skills of employees for many years. Our professional team will help you from the characterization stage, through implementation and integration in organizational procedures, cover a wide and comprehensive list of data security issues. Our trusted reputation and drive for innovation make us a valuable and capable partner.

Meet compliance standards

Our team will ensure your enterprise meets national and international compliances, through trustworthy and valuable solutions that safeguard data. We’ll keep your systems and processes up to date and compliant, so your enterprise can operate freely and securely.

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