Customer 360

Simplify and streamline important customer information with a sole dependable source of business-crucial data for analytics and overall business operations. Through the management of centralized customer data, organizations can more accurately execute sales and create opportunities based on relevant customer information and history.

Centralize Business-Critical Information

Customer 360 allows your team to be provided with a comprehensive investigation of customers as well as their relationship and interactions with your brand. The main function of master data management is to provide smooth processes for gathering, consolidating and administering data in a consistent and controlled manner. Our MDM services are flexible and can fit your organization’s unique requirements by being deployed on-premise or in the cloud. With our latest cloud MDM solutions, your organization can use its CRM systems more efficiently, increase leads, discover more sales opportunities, and ultimately increase customer sales. By more fully understanding customers, employees can identify opportunities for sales, establish better communication, and achieve better results by centralizing business-crucial information (like preferences, status, products owned, history, and more).

Confidently Deliver Data Insights

 Stop suffering from inconsistent and fragmented customer data across various silos, and instead strategically and more accurately manage customer data from one centralized location. Whether on-premise or cloud, Aman’s solutions ensure your organization is dealing with clean, reliable and connected customer data. Our master data management solutions will help your organization to fully understand various patterns and suggest necessary corrections, allow your organization to easily cultivate master data from external data providers, and confidently deliver data insights for both analytical and operational purposes. We strive to provide the latest technologies and inventive new strategies to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and produce increased revenue growth.

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