The advantages of nearshore/offshore include low costs and saved resources, as well as the flexibility. It provides your team to deal with core tasks and to develop the next generation of systems.

Operational flexibility and stability

The nearshore and offshore consulting models are particularly suitable for maintenance and development tasks in medium to long time ranges. Aman’s nearshore and offshore solutions have great operational flexibility, stability, and preservation. Main benefits include cost reduction and increased efficiency, reduction of risk, standardization, operational flexibility, improvement in the quality of outputs, and many more.

We’re your trusted partner

Aman’s comprehensive support services include professional help desk services and technicians for all relevant fields, communication, data protection, NT System and support services for specific systems. Save resources and feel reassured knowing all your IT needs can be managed under one roof. With qualified professionals handling part of the load, your organization’s in-house team is free to carry out core tasks and spend time on the development the next generation of systems.

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