Our business processing outsourcing (BPO) ensures your organization the flexibility to concentrate on its core competencies, by removing the burden and cumbersome demands of handling the processes and related bureaucratic restraints.

Where Business and Technology Intersect

Aman’s BPO solutions include a focus in several key areas including AI, data and analytics, automation, and industry expertise. An effective BPO solution incorporates valuable insights and experience of its vertical, IT, and functional specialists regarding market and technology trends, current and future client needs, and more. Our goal is to provide flexibility and transparency through intelligent automation and insights into valuable analytics.

Industry Leaders

Aman boasts a long standing reputation as a trustworthy and loyal partner. We boast over 20 years of accumulated experience as a provider of IT services for Israeli and international financial markets, providing end-to-end coverage for all ongoing regulatory changes taking place in this sector.

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