Aman’s leading-edge knowledge management solutions provide innovative real time access to all the accurate information that agents or customers need, as well as strengthens performance and employee productivity. We provide organizations with consistent and accurate answers across all engagement channels. Organizations can connect the chatbot, social, and other self-service channels to create a more powerful and scalable knowledge base. Our Knowledge Management professionals will help you achieve improved customer satisfaction, speed up first-call resolution, and reduce in agent onboarding and training time. In turn, these benefits will help your organization save valuable time and resources.

Choose your solution and stay ahead of the competition

Lighthouse for Call Centers

Lighthouse is a dynamic SaaS knowledge base solution designed for contact and customer service centers. Through Lighthouse, your agents will be able to quickly access critical information and respond to customers in real-time, transforming the communication into next level customer experience.

Lighthouse Self Service Portal

Lighthouse for Self Service are a set of tools that customers can utilize directly for speedy customer service, without the need for an agent to engage directly with the customer. This creates faster service across all channels and instantly enhances every customer engagement.

Lighthouse Knowledge Portal

Centralize your knowledge company-wide to empower your employees with all the right answers. By doing this your company can provide quick and accurate information to customers, maintain positive engagement between agent and customer and plus leave them feeling satisfied that their inquiries were properly answered.

Lighthouse for Remote Teams

Our system offers the opportunity for employees to work with knowledge wherever they go. From healthcare professionals reviewing medical information to guiding engineers in complex processes, Lighthouse offers a unique opportunity for that extra level of flexibility when it comes to accessing vital information on the spot.

Otzar Document Management

Otzar accelerates your business processes with powerful document management and archiving solutions.

IP Design

We design first-rate IPs for your project
requirements. What makes our IP design
unique is our ability to provide thorough
and expert verification techniques, so that
from flash controller to MIPI CSI, your
business is receiving only the very best.

Our Advantages

No training required

With KMS Lighthouse your business will not need to spend valuable
resources on training agents. We offer a solution without the need for coding
and that boasts a fast onboarding. Agents will receive knowledge
in one simple click, allowing for better service and sales.

Answers in mere seconds

Lighthouse can provide consistent and appropriate answers
with a mere click of a button, whether it’s your
customer service team or a customer seeking information.

Strengthen Understanding
through Data & Analytics

Through advanced data and analytics capabilities,
your company will have access to understanding which articles,
questions, and other inquiries are most popular allowing you the
opportunity to reevaluate and enhance existing processes.

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