The QRadar solution provides an ability to detect abnormalities and network security issues through powerful mechanism based on a set of rules for analyzing event security risks and real-time data flows.

From Raw Data to Protection

The QRadar component is known for its ability to analyze raw data and enrich it to value-added knowledge used for security purposes in the organization. The system enables powerful data exploration that enables security analysts to further evaluate security-related activities, thus contributing more valuable insights to be used in strategic business processes.

Defend and Safeguard

The system includes a basic module (SIEM: security information and event management) that collects all the logs created in the organization, detects, and analyzes threats that other security solutions miss and warn about ensuring your enterprise is kept defended and safeguarded against attacks. The best cyber security strategy begins with prevention. Our proactive solutions allow you to look ahead, adjust, and develop proper security systems and practices to continually propel your business forward.

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