Aman offers state of the art products data management products to BI management innovations. We approach each new challenge in an energetic and creative manner, bringing only the most relevant, tried and true, and dynamic products on the market. We will work with your team to provide maintenance, implementation, and strategic services. Our experts can advise businesses on what specific products best meet their specific needs. We empower businesses with more efficient data processes in order to ensure better strategic  business decisions and saved resources.

Our Data products


Informatica is a global leader in offering the most modern and dynamic data management products within the fields of data integration, data quality, data security, customer 360, master data management, and many more, and is heading the forefront of enterprise cloud data management.


Octopai provides an innovative and dynamic solution for metadata management. Typically BI groups are required to input valuable time, energy and resources into manually discover and understand metadata. With Octopai, weeks or months of intensive manual labor that is liable to mistakes, is transformed into minutes with more accurate reporting.


Confluent is a unified infrastructure for real-time data integration and processing. Built on Apache Kafka, Confluent gathers and transmits data from various sources to multiple consumers in real time. Confluent’s capabilities go beyond data transfer. They include data enrichment, cleansing, encryption, and information classification that enriches organizational systems.

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects platform helps you with the transformation to be a digital enterprise and enables you flexible ways to share information – so remarkable results with information delivered in context when and where needed can be achieved.


SAP HANA platform replace complex systems and isolated applications to help you transform IT. It supports modern applications that help business processes and deliver real-time insights from data that is renewed and constantly refreshed.

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics provides a self-service solution and empowers business users to perform high-end analytics and data science on any device, without dependency on IT assistance.
Data 3.0

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