Pyramid Analytics provides a self-service solution and empowers business users to perform high-end analytics and data science on any device, without dependency on IT assistance.

Product Actionable Business Results

By providing clear visualizations and helpful guided analytic presentations, even non-technical users can successfully use and manage analytics to produce actionable business decisions and strategies while maintaining governance and control. Worthwhile data is data that can be understood and used to influence decisions and strategies, and Pyramid analytics provides that possibility without the necessity to rely on IT assistance.

Flexibility: On-Premise or Cloud

With Pyramid, data can be managed on-premise or via the cloud, regardless of data technology (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and others). Leverage existing infrastructure so that your business analytics is more cost-effective and can create a bigger influence and impact on your business processes. With Pyramid Analytics, data scientists can take advantage of machine learning algorithms to more fully comprehend complex business issues. By providing the tools with which to prepare and model data, your organization can produce illuminative analytic content.

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