Lighthouse Self
Service Portal

The Lighthouse Self Service tools empower your company’s digital transformation for employees and customer alike. Lighthouse Self Service tools enable employees to publish and manage their support website with a set of advanced and efficient tools. Customers can utilize the self service tools directly, eliminating the need for an agent to engage directly with the customer. This creates faster service across all channels and instantly enhances every customer engagement.

Expedited Customer Service across all channels

Instead of redirecting customers to in-store service or them needing to place more calls to various other departments to get to the right answer, avoid these customer frustrations by always being where your customers are. Lighthouse’s self-service tools enables users to get the answers they need on their own by using your company’s  FAQs easily searchable on web browser or mobile.
– The Ask!Don’t Search widget provides instant answers and is easily deployable to websites
– The Self-Service Portal connects to the company’s  knowledge base with instant online access.

Enable customer independance

Nowadays, when customers need to make purchase decisions, they prefer to make their own research and educate themselves by using information that is available to the consumer online. By making use of an all round self service tool, both agents and customer have access to the same information and therefore can enjoy a smoother interaction. The AI-powered knowledge management technology externalizes pricing, FAQs, services available, product details,  and any other regulatory or financial information needed. By making this knowledge available on all channels  companies can deliver relevant and accurate knowledge directly to their customer in the most efficient way. By using Lighthouse, every interaction between a customer and company creates an enhanced experience.

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