NAC – Network
Access Control

Network Access Control serves as a monitoring and enforcement mechanism for wired-level enterprise network access and for wireless. NAC systems provide flexibility and suitability for a variety of possible policy-level scenarios for enforcing and configuring access to enterprise network resources.

Seamless protection with disrupting user experience

The state-of-the-art NAC system provides 802.1x based NAC, profiling, MAC authentication, access for enterprise computers, support for BYOD (bring your own device), and more. With an effective network access control system, organizations can protect against a multitude of attacks, all without causing disruption within the user experience.

Fortify your networks

In today’s world fraught with network attacks and vulnerabilities, the necessity for secure delivery of crucial business apps and data grows indefinitely. Aman’s NAC solutions empower organizations across the globe with fortified networks that meet all necessary compliance guidelines and requirements.

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