Lighthouse for
Call Centers

Lighthouse is a dynamic SaaS knowledge base solution designed for contact and customer service centers. Through Lighthouse, your agents will be able to quickly access critical information and respond to customers in real-time, transforming the communication into next level customer experience.

Reduce call times with accurate answers

Prior to Lighthouse, customers would receive different answers depending on the agents responding. Lighthouse provides one single points of truth, which in turn improves calling times and creates consistent and more accurate responses.

 Lighthouse call center knowledge management system functions similarly to a personal assistant to answer questions instantly during calls. Lighthouse ensures information is always available, and is able to cut onboarding and training time in half.

Improve Customer relationships

One of the main challenges of call centers is providing the right answers to customers’ questions quickly without holding times. With Lighthouse, a call center knowledge base software, agents can now easily upsell and cross-sell as all product and service information can easily be tapped into in seconds and compared in the knowledge base system. In turn, the improved agent experience has a direct impact on the customer experience as well. Agents can now communicate and collaborate more easily via the Lighthouse Chat feature, by instant messaging or link sharing to articles and relevant content. With Lighthouse, customers can now instantly receive the right answers to their questions.

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