Data Sanitation

Data Sanitation solutions are another important layer of protection against unknown attackers (Zero day files) before entering the corporate network data sanitation provide a sophisticated protection solution in a variety of channels.

CDR Technology

OPSWAT is the leading solution of its kind that works in a variety of channels and provides trustworthy and valuable solutions that safeguard data and meet compliance requirements. OPSWAT works with KIOSK MODE, ENDPOINT, MAIL, VAULT and more, through which it can neutralize unknown threats based on advanced content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology. The process of sanitizing is based on decomposition, scanning, and re-creation of the file after its examination.

Proactively protect against threats

Our data sanitization services take a proactive approach to mitigating and identifying threats, by assuming all files are malicious all files are sanitized, verified and cleared. Traditional defenses against malware simply are not effective or sophisticated enough to effectively protect against malware. Instead of waiting for an attack, take proactive measures that secure critical information and save resources by proactively preventing disasters.

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