We provide efficient and safe solutions for data integration between on-premise and cloud structures during the transformation from traditional models to the cloud to ensure organizations transition smoothly and powerfully redefine their business processes.

The link between on-premise and cloud

In today’s world, we’re witnessing a growing trend of migrating data to cloud-based solutions. The transformation from traditional models to the cloud requires a solution for data integration between on-premise and cloud structures. This transformation is ripe with benefits, but the transformation will be implemented over time, and likely not fully cover 100% of systems and applications, thus requiring a solid and effective data integration solution between on-premise and cloud-based solutions that Aman’s team can effectively deliver for your organization. It is critical that organizations continue to run their daily processes without disruption and our team of in-house experts have the skills and background needed to confidently manage the growing complexity of data management.

Effective integration

Effective integration between on-premise and cloud integration has become a real necessity for many major enterprises looking to stay on the leading edge of their industries. Cloud integration enables the utilization of cloud benefits on the one hand, and integration with core systems data without the need for specific development, investment in manpower, and hardware. Cloud integration is helping businesses migrate data from traditional to cloud-based systems, thus reducing your business’s over costs and ensuring its place in the future. Many iPaaS (Integration platform as a service) solutions today do not satisfactorily address the increasingly complicated processes of data management and the multiple patterns of integration and data management necessary for multi-cloud and hybrid architectures. Aman offers the latest iPaaS, which is comprised of growing number of dynamic and creative data management products.

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