We are a renowned partner for providing high-performance and tailor made solutions for electronic engineer processes. From verification, front end design, firmware, IT infrastructure, and many more- your project may require different skills and capabilities. We will deliver the right solution to ensure your organization meets project deadlines ontime and on budget. Choose your solution and stay ahead of the competition

Choose your solution and stay ahead of the competition


Verification is a central and crucial aspect of launching any new project. Businesses need to know that their design is bug-free and can roll out seamlessly.

Front End Design

We bring industry professionals with the highest level of technical experience with HTML, CSS and client-side script to our front-end design teams.

FPGA Design

We offer leading-edge performance in FPGA design. Whether your business is targeting an ASIC emulation platform or FPGA as your final product, our excellent engineers have the experience and understanding to ensure you the most quality and timely results.

Full ASIC Design
& Production

Tapping into our in-house core-competency in design and verification, we leverage our extensive network of partners to deliver a full solution customized for your needs.

System modeling

To efficiently model hardware behavior in software constructs, our engineers combine a deep professional level of understanding of chip design with the proficiency in target modeling language.

IP Design

We design first-rate IPs for your project requirements. What makes our IP design unique is our ability to provide thorough and expert verification techniques, so that from flash controller to MIPI CSI, your business is receiving only the very best.


Our team will ensure your full software platform can be used by end-customers to assist in developing their own application software in conjunction with your full design project.  

DO254 & ISO 26262 Validation

Any Avionics or automotive-certified system typically require care well beyond the standard. Although we are not a  DO254/ISO26262 audit & certification house, we boast the experience of handling such projects at the practical level by attending to needs for transparency and full coverage and traceability of features.

IT Infrastructure

We provide a wide range of IT infrastructure and networking solutions for organizations of all sizes. From design and implementation of mail systems to virtual data and design centers in the cloud, we help you to launch projects faster and more seamlessly.

Hardware Acceleration and Emulation

Interestingly, it is much easier to design thousands of ASIC transistors than it is to verify them in a time-efficient manner. This well-known challenge for ASIC designers is often due in part to the slow pace of RTL simulators, usually in the order of magnitude of single-digit Hz. What positions us above the rest is our proficiency in a unique combo including ASIC design (link to ASIC design solution page), FPGA implementation, and high-end verification.

Professional Training

Save resources needed to add new design and verification teams to your project with Veriest. We have vast experience recruiting talented recent university graduates through rigorous interviewing and screening processes as well as training in design and verification project tasks. Our professional training ensures high levels of proficiency in short time frames.

Our Advantages

We’ve invested in our team

We believe in investing heavily in our team, and some of our team members are very sought-after speakers at technical conferences. From upper management to our recent graduate professional training, we heavily invest and develop each one of our valued employees.


We have over 100 employees between Israel and Serbia, and we have the flexibility to deliver full projects with customers in a variety of ways including both on-site and remotely. Unlike our competitors that operate only offshore, our home base is and has been for over 20 years, in Israel.

Your best partner

From start to finish, we’re committed to being your team’s very best partner. Our vast experience combined with our strict adherence to modern

Trustworthy & Experienced

Whether your industry is airborne (DO254), automotive (ISO26262), wireless infrastructure and subscriber, consumer or otherwise, we’re fully capable, experienced, and ready to embark on a partnership

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