DDOS Mitigation

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) is a distributed denial of service attack designed to disable service by creating an exceptional load on service resources.

Protect Your Business From Unseen Dangers

L7 Defense’s next generation DDoS mitigation for HTTP/S and DNS protocols are strong tools in protecting network and application layer DDoS attacks. L7 Defense’s Ammune is a virtual shield that adapts automatically to any application changes, while simultaneously protecting you and your business from unseen application DDoS dangers. The application DDOS mitigation solution boasts data center, ISP, and cloud business functionality, 20 second reaction rate, and applicative and network DDoS attack defense.

Peace of Mind

An organization that is proactively protected against attacks can have the peace of mind knowing an effective layer of defense is in place. The Ammune Defense Shield (ADS) provides swift identification and mitigation of attacks through a controlled operation as the relevant bot data becomes available for further analysis. Knowing your systems are protected allows for more time and resources are available to spend where you need them most.

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