Aman’s team is involved with the implementation of software packages alongside the development and establishment of dedicated systems that are fully compatible with regulations and standards. We tailor fit processes to your organization’s requirements together with the appropriate technologies and different approaches in implementing the software solutions.

Specialization In Regulation-Guided Operational Systems

Our financial market development department advances large scale software systems for the pension fund market specifically, and the financial market in general, with a unique specialization in regulation-guided operational systems. Over the years, the department has been active in large scale projects for the implementation of financial systems in banks, investment houses, study funds, pension funds, and more.

The department offers its customers two main products, both developed by Aman Group:

Gemel Info: A system that allows presenting a full on-line report to fund members, based on regulatory requirements (annual/quarterly reports). Managers can view full information on all members and managed funds. Finance Info: A system able to integrate information from all data sources within an investment house (provident fund, pension fund, portfolio management), and to present the data online according to secure authorizations suited to the specific viewer (customers, agents and employers). The system provides dynamic data sections and personal and interactive marketing capabilities.

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