Privileged Account Security

The significant majority of attacks on the organization’s network occur from the theft and abuse of a privileged user. A Privilege User Management System provides a solution for monitoring, securing and enforcing the use of privileged users.

Reduce Risk

CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security system is committed to detecting and deterring attacks before the impede your business processes. CyberArk’s vault technology provides full lifecycle management of privileged users, by replacing their passwords, enforcing and monitoring their use including dual control capability, recordings and isolation sessions and more. Reduce security risk, leverage a flexible architecture that can scale demanding deployments, and enforce role based access controls, all with security and peace of mind.

Reputation for innovation

Our professionals will help your team implement new strategic processes that will empower your business to become more data driven, improve user experience, optimize security costs, and implement other important processes. Our trusted reputation and drive for innovation make us a valuable and capable partner.

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