Low Code Solutions

“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.” (Gartner)

Streamline the development of new solutions with a low-code platform that any employee can simply use. Stop waiting around for more resources. With low-code apps, organizations can save time, break down organizational silos and significantly improve productivity by letting employees rapidly build the solution they always needed.

What is Low Code?

Low code is a method for building apps and solutions with little or no coding. Low-code platforms provide visual components that developers can drag and drop to build apps faster, like automation workflows. With low-code, companies can scale their development without straining their engineering and IT resources. This improves productivity and accelerates digital transformation.

Our World Leading Low Code Solution


An innovative and Gartner-recognized low code platform for building workflows, automations, interfaces, database integrations, screens and data structures. Outsystems platform is designed for scalability, security, and flexibility so you can build it fast, build it right, build it for the future.

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Aman Group: Your Low Code Partner

Let’s embark on your low-code journey together. We promise to bring:


Our team has years of experience in developing projects in Israel and around the world. Aman can own all project aspects from UX/UI, design, development, testing and going live, by using code and low code.

A Diverse Skill Set

Aman Group brings all the talent you need for success: engineering, design, QA, system analysis, and more.

Call Tracking

Get more SQLs out of marketing campaigns by tracking incoming calls to their campaign source. Utilize the data to measure campaign effectiveness, improve customer experience and convert more calls to revenue.

Lead Alerts

Generate faster sales cycles by alerting sales reps about new website leads via text or calls. Decrease sales and partners response time to improve qualification and conversion rates.

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