Otzar: Document

Otzar accelerates your business processes with powerful document management and archiving solutions.

Quick Archiving Solution

Because it’s written in flexible source code, Otzar empowers your business with a quick and efficient archiving solution that provides a flexible interface to a range of core systems like SAP, Oracle, CRM, and others. Manage digital data repositories in one simple location that allows for quick access to browsing, locating and understanding all source documents and paperwork.

Archiving Solution

Otzar includes a multitude of useful modules like automation of data merging processes for documents and forms, workflows, quick filing of documents directly from Office and Outlook at a click of a button, automation of filing processes (bar-coding), OMR technology for data validation and automatic filing, OCR technology for textual searching of documents, creation of minutes of meetings and decision tracking and many more. Otzar saves businesses countless hours spent in manual work processes, physical forms, and expensive storage space by supplying an efficient archiving solution.

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