State of the art data security solutions help your business to detect and protect for digital transformation. Proper management and control of critical business data is the key to business continuity and responsible management of business risk.

Be Protected

According to the Ponemon Institute, a mere 25% of businesses monitor access and activity of their sensitive data. Managing and governing this data is crucial to business continuity and the successful mitigation of risk, and the ability to understand essential data is a major necessity. Aman’s data risk analysis is comprised of determining, identifying, and organizing, so that data managers can implement strategic processes to ensure your business’s data is kept safe and secure and meets regulation and compliance standards, such as GDPR.

Our Solutions

Your organization requires  assistance and professional support in the characterization of data protection needs, implementation of data protection services, provision of cutting-edge data protection solutions, and much more. We deliver high-quality and trustworthy solutions for your data protection and data security needs so that your organization can more fully comprehend sensitive data risk. The process of data risk analysis incorporates uncovering, understanding and classifying it in order to ensure data is kept safe and secure.

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