Streamline Your Data Pipelines

Confluent is a unified infrastructure for real-time data integration and processing. Built on Apache Kafka, Confluent gathers and transmits data from various sources to multiple consumers in real time. Confluent’s capabilities go beyond data transfer. They include data enrichment, cleansing, encryption, and information classification that enriches organizational systems.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Confluent streams data in real-time to enable continuous processing and agile development and employment.

Transmit Data Anywhere

Connect, enrich, and integrate data from any source to any source or data consumer. Data can be transmitted to multiple destinations at once.

Enrich Your Data

Confluent combines, aggregates, cleanses, processes, and shapes data in real-time.

Encrypt Your Data

Secure your valuable information. Confluent encrypts all data-at-rest by default and enables Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption.

Aman Group is your trusted partner for Confluent managed services.

We’re here to help you benefit from:


Streamline your data processing to expedite development and make real-time decisions.


Adapt to any business requirement.


Confluent is built on the robust Apache Kafka.

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