Octopai provides an innovative and dynamic solution for metadata management. Typically BI groups are required to input valuable time, energy and resources into manually discover and understand metadata. With Octopai, weeks or months of intensive manual labor that is liable to mistakes, is transformed into minutes with more accurate reporting.

Quickly Discover Metadata

Octopai allows your business to access all its metadata in one place, without requiring maintenance, preparation or effort. Octopai’s automated platform enables BI groups to more quickly discover and govern shared metadata. This greatly increases business productivity, shortens time to market, and reduces risk caused by inaccurate data.

Plug In and Go

With Octopai, your BI managers can search the entire BI landscape and receive a 360-degree view of the metadata. As the only ready-to-go solution in the market today, Octopai requires no maintenance, special training or organizational changes. Octopai is a cloud-based product that can be up and running within hours!

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