Be on the leading edge of change

Blockchain technology will significantly impact the way businesses conduct and experience transactions within the coming years. Blockchain activities are part of a new digital era in which there is an abundance of added value for those who take advantage of this emerging technology out of the gate. With Aman’s blockchain in-house team of specialists and laboratories, we’re not just talking about blockchain technology, we’re on the ground developing, exploring and advancing this new technology on a global scale.


LogChain develops blockchain infrastructures and provides ongoing services while focusing on marine logistics solutions including documentation, bills of lading, and financial services in the field of global documentary credit. LogChain invests considerable resources in building and implementing global solutions for solving global market pains by providing improved business processes, exceptional customer service and more efficient SLA to all parties. As a team with a deep understanding of logistics and finance, LogChain approaches blockchain applications as a clear infrastructure for improving the services of the supply chain partners, in order to shorten and streamline the work processes and reduce costs while providing high reliability for the processes

Forefront of technology

Aman’s team of experts are based in our in-house laboratories in order to examine and develop the latest groundbreaking blockchain technology. Our team specializes in blockchain activities and boasts an established history in working with Solidity and Ethereum language and developments within a variety of areas including logistics, financial services, and more.

Leaders in innovation

In the new digitalized era, blockchain technology is influencing how major industries conduct business transactions. With in-house labs, exciting initiatives, and brand new technologies, Aman has it’s finger on the very pulse of blockchain technology and is an early entrant to the field.

Cutting edge initiatives

Blockchain will be a critical feature to many industries in the future, and our team is working diligently not only to develop and create but also to implement and assess the potential of blockchain activities. Through Aman’s new initiatives and key technologies, we’re forecasting and preparing for a major shift in digital business.

Continual support and guidance

Aman’s self-service BI team is comprised of leading industry experts that assist in the meditation between the business and the IT processes. These are experts in a variety of verticals, ensuring specialized attention for your specific and unique needs. We are committed to providing the latest technologies and dynamic new strategies to ensure your organization remains ahead of the competition.

Analytics and strategy development

Our blockchain analytics & strategy team works with your business to explore and construct strategies and to envision and understand the new business thinking. We will help to assess your business’s readiness for blockchain technology and through analytics and reporting we will determine the available opportunities and challenges of implementing blockchain technology for your specific business.

Our Advantages

In-house team

What makes Aman unique is our in-house team of blockchain
specialists as well as our in-house laboratories where we are
promoting and developing new initiatives.
Aman stands firm in the forefront of
an industry with the incredible potential to affect how businesses
transact with one another. With Aman as your partner,
you can feel comfortable and secure to seize the
opportunity blockchain provides.

Strategic approach

Modernize products and reshape business models to
reflect a future in which business transactions will occur
in an entirely new manner. We’ll work with your business
to ensure the implementation of new technologies and
strategies remain secure and effective.

Create added value

While blockchain innovation is moving at rapid speed,
the technology is still new and needs to be carefully understood.
We offer a strategic approach, use cases, proof of concept
business model use cases,
analytics, and more."/>