Assimilation and
integration of financial
core systems

Assimilation and integration of financial core systems

Aman’s software development division handles integrated software development between systems, seamlessly constructing interfaces between various platforms, making your systems more manageable and increasing productivity


We are able to implement well-known software packages as well as develop and establish designated systems based on the customer’s specifications while integrating the most suitable technologies and approaches to the implementation of software solutions. Our services begin with the system’s analysis and characterization stage and continue through the implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the creation of a high-quality software product specifically suited to the customer’s specific demands.

Increase Productivity and Save Resources

Aman provides IT and software solutions, data analysis, characterization and design of user interfaces, solutions to the regulatory requirements, planning of long-term saving systems and risk management consulting services– SAS, SOX, and Basel. Aman’s unique specialization in the financial sector indicates a more thorough understanding and greater ability to be a successful and valuable partner throughout a variety of areas within financial markets. Aman’s assimilation and integration solutions empower your business with increased productivity and saved resources

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