Heshev ERP

Calculate ERP with Heshev’s ERP system, based on the AS400 platform, designed for comprehensive information management, production, and end-to-end processing.

Tools Needed For Control and Functionality

Heshev’s ERP system combines the interactive tools needed for control and functionality within all areas of financial, logistic and community activities within an organization. This includes expansions and developments that allow for tailored matching and interfacing within existing systems in your organization.

Hesehv is an industry leader in a field that has been operating for more than three decades. We develop and assimilate solutions, as well as offer implementation and support within the AS400 platform.

ERP on-demand

Heshev’s innovative ERP-on-demand service enables web-based work without procurement of hardware, allowing the use of a wide variety of programs and applications at lower costs. Aman’s AS400 division employs around 65 employees developing commercial software for managing companies and industrial plants among hundreds of leading Israeli corporations in a wide range of fields including finance, industry and commerce, marketing and sales, production and the specific software for the operational management of the Kibbutz form of living.

Additionally, Heshev offers:

  • Constant and ongoing development of software packages
  • Possibility to integrate specialized software according to specific customer needs
  • Ability to import data from a variety of sources
  • Standardization for the user and software developers which allows for uniformity and simple operation
  • Constant testing of customer needs and adaptation of follow-up solutions
  • On-going support over time and service available to various customers

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