L7 Defense

L7 Defense’s Ammune is a virtual shield that adapts automatically to any application changes, while simultaneously protecting you and your business from formerly unseen dangers.

AI Capabilities

Today organizations are increasingly met with more and more frustrating and interruptive attacks to their critical and private information and data. L7 Defense is bringing the industry into the future with its new AI capabilities, which can work tirelessly to trace attacks in real time and with pinpoint accuracy. This protection is critical to the continuation of smooth and uninterrupted core business processes.

Save time and resources

L7 Defense’s Ammune is a technology inspired by the most natural and oldest defense: the body’s immune system. Ammune’s operation is totally autonomous and is capable of providing platform technology-based products that will safeguard against a wide possibility of network attacks. Knowing your organization is safe will allow for precious time and resources to be saved.

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